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discussion Multi-Share Health Coverage Building community based health coverage plans based on the multi-share concept pioneered in Muskegon Michigan through its Access Health program.

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Consulting Associates


Jeff Fortenbacher

Director of Access Health Inc., Fortenbacher is currently the CEO of a health plan featuring two nationally recognized community-based health plans: Muskegon Care serving an indigent population, and Access Health serving working uninsured members of the community. The Muskegon Care plan serves the indigent population that is ineligible for Medicaid and currently has over 1500 members. The innovative Access Health Plan is a multi-funded share product that provides health coverage to the working uninsured. It has over 1,000 members and has served several thousand since inception. Fortenbacher has a Masters in Psychology from the University of Tampa and has consulted with clients in Hamilton County, Ohio and Tampa, Florida. In addition to discussing the operational components of Access Health, he is a prominent speaker on the development and implementation of strategic efforts to control utilization and improve outcomes for people with chronic disease.